Saturday, June 29, 2013


I’ve been on a journey,
a worn out path;
A path too familiar,
an old beaten path.

Once you said,
"from you I’ll remove your heart
of stone and give you a heart of
and in me you placed a fragile
heart for that stony heart
that was once in my chest.

You did not warn me of the pain
that would leave me weak and
you did not prepare me for all the
agony and all the hurts
that others have left.

In my grief and in my pain,
I cry out to you,
"Lord, Lord, where are you,
I cannot find you?
Why alone I find myself in all I do?
Have not all my prayers reached you?"

It is a dark and lonely path,
that path of grief and pain.
I should be angry, I should be bitter.
instead in all my tears,
I find ways to praise and thank you
in the midst of all my fears. 

Alas you answer, "I have left you not,
and I have heard you;
you asked me for strength, and
you asked me for peace."

"I gave you courage,
and I brought you peace;
I have wiped away your tears,
and have taken all your fears."

"I took away your anger, and
I took away your rage;
I took away the sting of bitterness,
and it is MY heart you carry
in that once empty chest."

"I was there, holding your hand,
guiding you to do the right thing;
and, it was me who held you when you were weak and faint.
Now let go child, and give me the rest of your pain."

That painful journey, on that worn out path.
The path too familiar, that old beaten path;
does not seem as dark, and does not seem as long,
because you will always be there to right all the wrongs.


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