Thursday, July 14, 2011

There are Still Good People in the World

Just when you thought there are no good people left in the world, God will prove you wrong. Yesterday was one of the roughest day I've had in a long time. I have been suffering from a painful problem at the back of my neck that I believe originated from a car accident I was in a couple of years ago. However, yesterday I was in more pain than all the other days.

For the past three weeks, I have been unable to move my neck from the pain and stiffness. This has put a damper on my life, not to mention the sleepless nights, and having to get up to go to work everyday regardless of how I feel. I finally went in to see my doctor earlier this week and he ordered x-rays and an MRI to rule out a pinched nerve. Meanwhile, while I wait for my MRI appointment to come, I have been very cautious not do more than I should as to not aggravate the problem. Well who says that things will go smoothly when you are not feeling well? Things usually happen when you are sick or have no money, don't they?

As I left work, driving through one of the busiest roads in the city during rush hour, my car decides to die at a stop light. I put on my emergency blinkers and tried to turn the car back on. Nothing... the car would not turn over. By now the stop light had turned green and people began to blow their horns. Obviously they do not see my emergency lights blinking, so I waive for them to pass me. Dirty looks where flying at me from everywhere, yet no one offered to help. I'm thinking, I am in too much pain to push this car out of the road. Not that I have not done it before, but today was not the day to do this. I was so frustrated that tears began run down my face.

I got out of the car to open the hood, and that's when I see a white beat-up van pull in front of me and back up. Two tired looking but willing Hispanic men came out of the van and offered to help. "Thank you Jesus!" I thought. They looked the car over and decided to push it out of the road. While we were trying to figure out how to get this car to my home, I decided to try one more time and turn it on. Hallelujah! It turned on!

I asked the men if they lived nearby and if they would mind following me part of the way to be sure I would not be stranded again, and they agreed. Somehow I knew everything was alright with these men. We got back unto the road. When I was about two miles from my house, I pulled over and got out my car to let them know I would be okay from then on. I thanked them profusely and tried to give them a few dollars for their help but they refused to accept any money. In talking to them I found they were Christians, yes, my brothers in Christ. We all got back into our vehicles and went our separate ways.

The whole time I was thinking about my two dogs, who where locked in the house and needing to desperately go outside to do their business after being inside a full day. I pulled up my driveway and rushed in the house to let them out into the backyard, and that's when I broke down and began to cry. I felt so bad for my pooches, they held the need to go all day and then some. I also felt bad for myself. I was tired and in a lot of pain. I could not believe the day I've had but God was there with me and sent me two angels to help me. I prayed for these men and for their families. I prayed for abundant blessings upon their lives. I was thankful that my God was there to see me through this and in the end, no one was injured in that busy road.

However, this is not where my story ends. Today I decided that rather than pay a hefty towing bill that I couldn't afford, I decided to tough it out and to try to drive the car early this morning to the mechanic's, which was twelve miles away. Yes, I know, this was very gutsy or very stupid, but I really didn't have much of a choice. The car drove a little rough but made it. Out of seventeen or eighteen traffic lights from my house to the garage, I only had one brief red light and the car did not turn off. Thank you God!

I am convinced there are still good people left in the world. Sometimes I think these are angels in disguise.

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